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ransponder Car Key Programming

Transponder Programming Birkenhead

As an additional security measure for your car, most modern cars use transponder keys. This means that the key has a transponder chip, which communicates with the car transceiver to ensure that only the correct key can start your car. The transponder chip sends a signal that must be decoded by the transceiver for the car to start. If your car key has a plastic or a rubber covering the bow used to turn the key, there are higher chances that it has a transponder chip. If you have replaced your lost transponder key, or obtained a new spare key from your dealer, the key needs to be programmed to start the car. The new key may open the car locks but will not start the car unless it is programmed to operate correctly with the car.

When you obtain a new replacement key from your local dealers, it requires programming from a qualified and skilled locksmith technician. At Transponder Programming Birkenhead, we have we have expertise and experience in all vehicle types transponder chip programming irrespective of your car model. Our technicians will perform transponder programming for as you wait for just a few minutes. For the older version of a transponder key, we use a cloner to clone (copy) the programming at the key chip to the new duplicate key. We have also trained our key experts on rolling code method using a Transponder Key Originator (TKO) for transponder keys that uses an immobilizer system. We have invested in modern equipments and computer software to enable us to perform both transponder programming methods. To perform transponder key programming, we need the vehicle PIN code, but if you don’t have the PIN code we can generate it from your manufacturer’s database using the VIN that confirms that you are the car owner.

We save you from spending too much money and wasting time when programming your chip key through your local dealers through our fast and affordable services at all times. We serve areas of Bromborough, Meols, Bebington, Moreton and Brimstage areas. Our experience in the industry is a proof or our quality and guaranteed solutions for all car keys.

Why We Stand Out In Transponder Programming Services

Our Transponder key programming services are exceptional in the following aspects:

Modern Tools Of Work And Technology – We have the best keys cutting equipment and modern transponder programming tools. We have also acquired modern technology to train our transponder chip programmers on trends used by most car manufacturers in the world.

Professionalism – From the time your call is picked by our help desk, to the time you receive your new programmed key, you will be served with utmost respect and in a professional manner. This is applicable even for our prices. The help desk attendants will inform you of the charges and we have no hidden charges.

Quick Response – We treat each case with urgency and regardless of where you are in Birkenhead area we only take less than 30 minutes to get to your location.

Variety – We are specialists in all transponder key related issues for any car type including Jeep, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Porsche and Subaru among other popular cars in the world.

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